VisionCorps recently announced receipt of a $3,000 Low Vision Devices Grant, as well as a $12,000 Vision Benefit Administration grant, from the Pennsylvania Vision Foundation to continue serving people with vision loss.

The Low Vision Devices Grant will help provide products deemed essential to maintaining independence for individuals who are vision impaired and low income.

“We have been able to purchase products such as hand held magnifiers, stand magnifiers, glare shields, white canes, talking watches, monoculars, low-vision lamps, and much more,” Chris Ament, VisionCorps’ vice president of rehabilitation and education, said.

“These are items that help individuals maintain independence in everyday tasks, and we’re pleased to be able to continue this work.”

The Vision Benefit Administration grant will support a need-based voucher program, through which financially eligible individuals receive essential eye examinations and glasses at participating optometrists in their area.

Those eligible for this program include low-income adults and children residing in Pennsylvania who do not have vision insurance. Eligible residents must first schedule an appointment with VisionCorps staff to complete the required verification paperwork.

In affiliation with Pennsylvania Vision Foundation, Vision Benefits of America will then provide a printed voucher, accepted at any optometrist listed in their network.

To schedule an appointment with VisionCorps staff to verify program eligibility, call (717) 291-5951. To find a local optometrist in-network, visit

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