During April and May, the York County Area Agency on Aging will host free educational workshops to learn about the “10-Keys™ to Healthy Aging.”

Taught by a certified health ambassador, the five-week program will be held at two locations beginning in April:


Mondays, April 8–May 6, 9-11 a.m.

Bob Hoffman YMCA Dover, 1705 Palomino Drive, Dover Township

Preregistration is required; call the YMCA to register at (717) 292-5622.


Fridays, April 26–May 24, noon to 2 p.m.

SpiriTrust Lutheran™ Zimmerman Place in the Gathering Room

800 Bollinger Drive, Shrewsbury Township

Preregistration is required; call Megan Craley to register at (717) 771-9610.


Developed by the Center for Aging and Population Health at the University of Pittsburgh, along with the CDC Prevention Research Center, this health-promotion program provides many no-cost and low-cost preventative services to promote successful aging.

Each of the “10 Keys”™ is an important step in preventing disease and improving quality of life.

They include: lowering systolic blood pressure; stopping smoking; participating in cancer screenings; regular immunizations; regulating blood glucose; lowering LDL cholesterol; being physically active; maintaining healthy bones, joints, and muscles; combating depression; and maintaining social contact.

A free resource manual will be provided that provides a wealth of information on preventative, proven strategies.

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