The RSVP York January Volunteer of the Month is Amy Schlottag. She began volunteering with the GED program when she retired in October 2016 after almost 43 years as a registered nurse at York Hospital, primarily in cardiovascular nursing.

Schlottag always enjoyed teaching nurses in addition to being a nurse. Through RSVP she has the chance to teach in a completely different area and is currently tutoring her second GED student at the York County School of Technology.

Schlottag saw the need for elementary school tutor/mentors in York City School District while reading the RSVP newsletter. This past August she began another teaching opportunity, volunteering with kindergarten students at McKinley School in York.

This experience has been different from anything she has ever done before, and she loves it. For Schlottag, her enjoyment is a two-way street: The children appreciate the extra attention, and she enjoys watching them learn and become excited when they can read a few words.

Schlottag said it feels great when they give her a hug, hold her hand, or clamor for help when learning to write.

Schlottag graduated from the Medical College of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and from the University of Maryland at Baltimore with a Master of Science degree. She works as a licensed massage therapist with her own practice in York.

For further information about volunteer opportunities in York County, please contact Scott Hunsinger at (443) 619-3842 or

Amy Schlottag

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