As the pandemic eases, seniors will be able to start dating in person before long. But where should they go to meet potential partners?

David, one of my readers, suggested four places older adults seeking women might visit to improve their chances of meeting a mate.

And then read on for four additional suggestions that will improve anyone’s chance of meeting a potential partner:


1. Restaurants, bars, and clubs – David said, “I met my late wife in a restaurant where neither of us had ever eaten.”

With seniors receiving COVID-19 vaccinations and states lifting restrictions, restaurants, bars, and clubs will reopen for interior gatherings; they will once again be productive places to meet female or male partners.


2. Flower and plant nurseries – David added, “Last spring, I visited a large flower nursery with hundreds of flowers, plants, herbs, and vegetables for my English gardens. There were very few men shopping there. I talked with approximately 30 different women.”


3. Bookstores (yes, they still exist, but are fading away) – David said, “When I stopped at a Barnes & Noble to review new books by my favorite authors, I was the only man there. However, there were many women present, receptive to engaging in conversations. Bed Bath & Beyond is another place like that.”


4. Antique stores and antique shows – David wrote, “While shopping in an antique store and attending antique shows, I was often the only man present with numerous women in attendance.”


5. Wear a baseball cap with a logo on the front – A woman emailed to share how she met her new love.

She was in a California bar with a group of women friends from Michigan. A guy came in wearing a University of Michigan block M on his hat. Her friends started a conversation with him.

She and the guy now live together, due to that conversation-starting logo on his hat.


6. Get a dog – People love dogs. Walking a dog often draws positive comments from dog lovers.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, however. So, don’t get one only because it might attract a partner; be sure you understand the responsibilities of owning a dog.


7. Become a dance host on a cruise ship – That’s what, Chris, a buddy of mine, did after a divorce. He danced with Tina, a woman from England, who became his wife 14 years later.


8. Get out of the house – Meet new people. Make new friends. Pursue activities you enjoy, such as cooking classes, dance classes, library classes, home improvement lectures, golf lessons, volunteer opportunities — the list is endless.


Get off the couch and out of the house. It’s the most important thing a person can do, not just to meet a potential mate, but to enrich one’s life.


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