How to Safely Clean Your Hearing Aids

When you take the time to clean your hearing aids on a regular basis, they work better, last longer, and certainly look more presentable. But hearing aids are expensive and delicate, so it’s important to clean them properly so you don’t accidentally damage them.

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7 Tips to Get a Fully Charged 7 Hours of Sleep

Sleep should always be considered one of the natural drives, like drinking water when thirsty and eating when hungry.

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Farmers Market Voucher Program Announced for Chester County

Each year, Chester County Department of Aging Services distributes vouchers that can be used at farmers markets to purchase Pennsylvania-grown fruits and vegetables.

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Dauphin County AAA Offering Farmers Market Vouchers

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging have again partnered to make the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program available to Dauphin County residents age 60 years or older (or who will turn 60 by Dec. 31).

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Fodder for Mother’s Day Chats

If you’re trying to make conversation at your Mother’s Day dinner (or Zoom celebration) this year, try sprinkling some of these facts into the discussion:

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Older Americans Month Emphasizes Connection, Engagement

Each May, the Administration for Community Living leads the celebration of Older Americans Month.

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Sixties Flashback: Ben and Fillmore: Two ‘Hippie Bus’ Dudes

In 1949, Dutch businessman Ben Pon became responsible for putting the first Volkswagen Beetle on America’s roads.

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Overcoming the Mask: Tips for Communicating through COVID-19

It can be challenging to communicate through masks, 6 feet of social distance, physical barriers, and other factors due to COVID-19 that have changed daily life.

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Retirement Brings Extra Time — Make the Best of It

Singer Jim Croce longed to put time in a bottle.

Retirees aren’t always certain what it is they long to do with time, but one day they stop working and find they have a barrelful of it.

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