Looking on the Bright Side

Living long and living well require individuals to adopt a positive attitude and hopeful outlook for the future.

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Grief Relief: Tips for Facing the New Year While Grieving

Grieving is taxing on mind, body, and spirit. While it can be tough to face each new day, the challenge can feel enormous when January emerges and a whole new year is stretching out before us.

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Department of Aging Warns Seniors of Genetic Testing Scam

The Department of Aging is warning Pennsylvania seniors, their families, and caregivers about a new scam targeting older adults.

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Dear Pharmacist: What You Should Avoid Prior to Surgery and Lab Tests

I recently wrote about some impressive tests that you can self-order, thus taking the headache out of getting lab tests.

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Telescope Technology Captures Glaucoma-Related Eye Structure

Using methods originally developed by astronomers to view stars more clearly through Earth’s atmosphere, optometry researchers at Indiana University have taken the first undistorted microscopic images of a part of the eye involved in glaucoma.

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