York County adults 60 and older who are interested in getting help with fall cleanup, raking, snow shoveling, programming electronic devices, or with other household chores are encouraged to arrange for help from a Rent-A-Kid.

The Rent-A-Kid program, sponsored by the York County Area Agency on Aging, is an intergenerational program that connects York County older adults who need help and nearby middle and high school students in grades seven to 12 who want to help.

For over 30 years, “Rent-a-Kids” have been helping and learning from older adults through the program, which has a goal of not only getting an important job done, but also fostering friendships between older adults and youth.

Older adults in need of assistance can call the Rent-A-Kid coordinator, Hope Eberly, at (717) 771-9103; she will provide names and phone numbers for youth nearby who may be interested.

It is the responsibility of the older adult to contact the youth and discuss the job to be done, when it is to be done, the rate of pay for the job, and any other arrangements that need to be made. The older adult needs to be agreeable to a reimbursement of a minimum of $5 per hour or a negotiated rate based on the job.

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